Colleggtor Cards

30 yolktastic characters to collect.

Raid your supermarket shelves, the Sunny Queen Colleggtor cards are here. Featuring 30 unique egg characters with eggshell sharp style and personalities to match. You’ll be hunting, trading and cherishing these for years to come. You can even put your own face on a card with our Eggify Yourself app. Find the cards in Sunny Queen promotional packs across the range. Collect them all!

If that’s not eggciting enough, 10 special edition colleggtor cards come to life through animation when you scan them with your device through the Blippar app! Look out for the special ‘Blip to bring to life’ icon on the front of these cards.

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Meet the crew

There are 30 cards to collect, but some will be harder to hunt down than others. Check out all the egg personalities below. Keep an eye out for the Gold cards, they’re the rarest. You can pick them by the gold circle in the top right hand corner. Silver is second rarest and bronze the most common. Happy colleggting.

Feel like you’ve met some of the Colleggtor characters before? That’s because they’re a new take on some classic Sunny Queen Colleggtor stickers from the 1970s. There are four revamped retro characters to collect and reminisce with. Look out for the special edition 1970s cards marked with a red banner.

Bring them to life

Eggify Yourself

You’ve heard of getting egg on your face, but now you can get your face on an egg. Just upload your photo, then pick a character. Eggify yourself, eggify your mates, eggify your whole family!