Breggie Bake

Breggie Bake

If you thought eggs and bacon couldn’t get any better, wait till you get your hands on a Breggie Bake. It’s a delicious and satisfying REAL breakfast made with REAL, fresh eggs, combined with premium bacon, vintage cheese and spring onion – all packed into a handheld, mouth-watering brekkie you can grab on the go. It is sure to keep you going until your next fuel stop!

Two delicious flavours to choose from

Breggie Bake Flavours

  • Egg, Bacon & Cheese
  • Egg, Fetta & Spinach

  • No artificial colours or flavours.
  • Packed with 11 essential vitamins, minerals and protein.

Gluten Free Accreditation
Gluten free

Where to buy

Breggie Bake is available at Servos and Convenience stores around Australia.