Cage Free Eggs

Cage Free Eggs

Our fresh Cage Free eggs are laid by hens that are housed inside large barns, where they are able to flap their wings, socialise, and perch. Nesting boxes are provided so they can lay their eggs in comfort whenever they like.

  • Hens are housed inside large barns with natural light and fresh air
  • Farms independently audited

  • Australian farmer owned
  • Eggs have no added hormones

Our Cage Free hens are able to move around the barn, where they are protected from predators and the elements.

Importantly, our Cage Free farms are audited regularly by independent auditors. This ensures ongoing strict compliance to our Cage Free Standard. For more information on our Cage Free eggs visit

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TICK TM used under license. People with health concerns should seek dietary advice from their doctor or dietitian.

Fresh hen shell eggs have received the Heart Foundation's Tick of Approval, in recognition of the fact that they are a heath nutritious food that can be as part of a balanced diet.

Egg Corp Assured Certification

Where to buy

You can buy Sunny Queen eggs at all Coles and Woolworths supermarkets and many independent supermarkets across Australia.