Our fresh Cage Free eggs are laid by hens that are housed inside large barns. This means they are comfortable and protected from predators and the elements, while being able to flap their wings, socialise, and perch. Nesting boxes are provided so they can lay their eggs in comfort whenever they like.

Importantly, our Cage Free farms are audited regularly by independent auditors. This ensures ongoing strict compliance to our Cage Free Standard.

Look under the pack lid for eggs-pert tips and recipes!

Available at Coles, Woolworths and many independent supermarkets across Australia.

Illustration of a happy smiling sun and wind blowing some leaves
Hens move freely around large barns with plenty of natural light and fresh air
Illustration of a hen pecking some feed
Our cage free hens have no added hormones
Illustration of a pair of hands ticking items on a clipboard
We’re independently audited and HACCP + ESA accredited
Illustration of farmer over a map of Australia
All Sunny Queen farms are owned by Australian Farmers