To keep our chooks cool during very hot days, we like to keep some of the barn doors shut. Chooks can still choose to go freely outside during the day as they wish. The wellbeing of our chooks is always at the core of what we do.

Check out our chooks in action! Our Chooktracker® cameras stream live to show you that our chooks really do get lots of space to roam outdoors. In fact, they get six times more space than the national free range standard. We ensure all of our hens have the opportunity to go outside for a minimum of eight hours a day. So when they are not safely tucked up in the barn, you’ll see them out ranging doing what they do best - dust-bathing, perching and having a good cluck around!

Can't see us?

At night our hens sleep in their comfortable barns where they’re safe from other animals. And if it’s raining or if it’s a really hot day, our chooks might not want to go outside at all.