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Strathbogie Shire

Our Strathbogie farm can be found between the Strathbogie Ranges and Goulburn River in the lush green pastures of rural Victoria. It’s the flagship home of Chooktracker®, a live stream camera giving you a chook’s eye view of life on the farm.

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Range Enrichments on our Farms

OHear about why the chooks love their space, and how we enrich the range for them. We even use alpacas to protect the birds from other animals. They make great defenders due to their protective nature!

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Processing our eggs from farm to supermarket

Learn what it takes to get our top quality eggs from the farm to your shopping basket.

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A typical day at a sunny queen farm

Chief Egg Officer (CEO), Phillip, talks about life on a free range chook farm.

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Producing the best quality eggs

Hear the measures we take to be world-leaders in free range egg farming.