Sunny Queen farms

Australia’s favourite smiley-faced eggs, laid by healthy well-cared for hens.

all free range eggs are not the same

Most Free Range eggs come from hens living as 10,000 hens per hectare. But Sunny Queen Farms Free Range eggs come from hens living much more comfortably at just 1,500 hens per hectare.

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Our eggs

Every Sunny Queen Farm is independently audited and accredited by ECA (Egg Corporation Australia) for quality and animal welfare, so you can be sure you’re enjoying the finest quality eggs in Australia.

Free range eggs pack shot
Our finest quality, fresh Free Range eggs are laid on farms with a maximum outdoor density of 1500 hens per hectare.
Free range eggs
Free range eggs pack shot
Hens have access to certified organic paddocks for a minimum of 8 hours per day, and lay delicious organic eggs.
Organic free range
Free range eggs pack shot
Our Cage Free eggs are laid by hens housed in large barns where they’re safe from predators and the elements.
Cage free eggs
Free range eggs pack shot
Our Farm Fresh Cage Eggs are laid by caged hens in accordance with the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals.
Farm Fresh Cage Eggs

Free range

With just 1500 hens per hectare, each Sunny Queen Farms free range chook gets 6m2 of space outdoors. That's six times more than the national standard.

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Chicken with foot prints


Check out our girls in action! Our Chooktracker® cameras stream live 24/7 to show you that our chooks really do get lots of space to roam outdoors.

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Our recipes

Sunny Queen eggs have been a part of nutritious, homemade meals for generations. Along the way we’ve collected bucket loads of delicious recipes for you to have a crack at.