Perfect Pasta

Perfect Pasta

Easy and delicious homemade pasta recipe

  • 1 Hr, 13 Mins
  • Serves 6

  • 3 large Sunny Queen Farms eggs
  • 300g “00” flour
  • A pinch of Sea salt flakes
  • 1 teaspoon Water (only if needed – see recipe)
  • Step 1.

    Make a well in the flour on a clean work surface or large bowl

  • Step 2.

    Crack the 3 eggs in the middle with a good pinch of sea salt flakes

  • Step 3.

    Using a fork, gently whisk the eggs, then start bringing in flour gradually from the inside walls of the “well”

  • Step 4.

    Once most of the flour is incorporated, use your hands to bring it all together into a dough adding a small amount of water if needed

  • Step 5.

    On a well-floured work surface, knead the dough for about 20 minutes until silky and more elastic

  • Step 6.

    Wrap and let rest for 30 minutes

  • Step 7.

    Cut off a section to thread through the pasta machine

  • Step 8.

    Set the pasta machine to its widest setting and pass the section of dough through it. Double it over and pass through again

  • Step 9.

    Continue changing the setting to be narrower each time the dough is threaded through and sprinkle with flour frequently

  • Step 10.

    Final pasta thickness should be very thin without falling apart. 1-2mm

  • Step 11.

    Cut sheets for ravioli, tortellini or lasagne, otherwise thread through the cutting section to make fettucine or spaghetti

  • Step 12.

    Lightly flour the fettucine and hang over spoon handles or rolling pins to dry a little

  • Step 13.

    Fill a pot with water and add a very generous pinch of salt

  • Step 14.

    When the water is on high boil, plunge in your fettucine and cook for just a few minutes – fresh pasta cooks very quickly

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